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Which Settings Are Master Key Systems Best-Suited For?

If you are the owner or manager of a very large property such as commercial building, strata property, an industrial setting or warehouse, you would need a number of locks for different buildings, areas, and spaces. This would include all the exit and entry points of the building as well as spaces such as offices, supply rooms, break rooms, washrooms, data centres as well as utility areas and more.

Most of these areas would be separated by doors and will have some sort of access control on them. In fact, some doors may have lock systems installed too. However, in offices, businesses, retail spaces as well as other industrial and commercial settings that is sometimes a requirement for certain individuals to have access to more than one area of the property.

For example, the landlord, building manager or business owner would require unhindered access to all the areas on their specific properties. The housekeeping staff would also need access to all areas, barring some. A manager may sometimes require entry into only certain areas and not all of them.

These different access levels can make it a little difficult for business owners and managers to handle multiple keys. This is why it’s very important to have a lock system that would provide different individuals different access levels.

Master Key Systems And How They Work

A master key system is a very effective and efficient solution for these kinds of settings. These systems have multiple keys all of which provide a specific level of access to different areas on the premises. The system has keys such as:

  • The change key or sub-master key allows the lowest level of access in the hierarchy of the system. This key is designed to open locks that are similar and give access to general areas on the property.
  • The master key opens multiple locks within a group and can open other locks as well. This actually depends on the different levels of hierarchy within the master key system and the number of branches that has. If there are higher levels, it is possible to have more than one master key to open various areas in the structure or structures.

For instance, the master key, as well as the change keys, may provide access to various office spaces in a building. There might be one master key that provides access only to the warehouse spaces and outbuildings. However, master key designers can add a level which includes a grand master key that can open up all areas, offices, warehouses of and other spaces on the premises.

The Convenience Aspect

Using a master key offers a number of benefits such as:

It’s extremely convenient as only a single key is required to open multiple doors. This removes the need to carry around a bunch of keys.

  • Different people can have different levels of access to various areas within the structure.
  • This kind of access level hierarchy is required in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Many large residential properties also have master key systems installed.

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