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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe With Locks

Regardless of whether you live in a large house or an apartment, its security is something you need to focus on. It’s a proven fact that criminals will be more attracted to a house that doesn’t have proper security features on it. This is exactly why most property owners install CCTV cameras, alarms systems and motion sensor lights etc. While all of these definitely increase the security levels of a property, traditional locks also have a role to play.

Where Locks Can be Installed

These systems work alongside all the other advanced security systems we just mentioned and help improve the overall security and safety levels of your property. Here we take a look at some things you can do to keep your home safe with locks:

  • Using strong locks are important, as they cannot be forced open from the outside. Many people have screen doors installed, but most store-bought doors have flimsy locks and its best to replace these with stronger locks. In fact, you can install digital lock systems that are also connected to alarm systems. These can be controlled remotely by you from any location and are a good way to improve the security levels of your home.
  • The windows of your home are as vulnerable as the doors and it’s necessary that you focus on getting good quality locks installed on the windows as well. The locksmith will be able to provide you with information about which types of locks would work best for the types of windows you have in your home. Pay special attention to windows on the ground floor and the first floor levels as these are more accessible than others. You can also consider installing window screens and burglar bars on the windows in your property.
  • For all the external hinged doors, get deadlocks installed. Regular knob sets do not provide very high levels of security and it becomes easier for perpetrators to force entry into the indoor areas of your house.
  • Get good quality locks for all the sliding doors on your balconies, decks and patio areas. Key-operated locks and specialized patio locks are a good option as they are far more solid than the basic latch systems that are installed on sliding doors. Place wooden dowels and metal wedges inside the window tracks to prevent them from being opened from the outside.
  • The side and back gates of your property tend to be more vulnerable when it comes to break-ins. Get good quality padlocks fitted on these gates as this will act as a deterrent to criminals.
  • Invest in the latest garage door opener and make sure that the connecting door into your house has a good mortice lock as well.

Following these tips can help improve the security levels of your home. In addition to all these things, make sure that all the outdoor spaces on your property are well- illuminated at night. This would keep thieves and burglars away from your home. Install a digital lock on the front door and make sure that all other entry points have good lock systems installed too.

For any more information about the different types of locks you can use, feel free to call Sutherland Locksmiths or send us your requirements via this Online Form.