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Preventing Yourself from Getting Locked Out Of Your House

The worst experience any one of us can ever have is getting locked out of your house. This is simply because of the frustration and stress that comes with being locked out. It can practically ruin your day if you end up being locked out. Remaining outside in the cold or heat are a few of the difficulties that come with being locked out. Being locked out of the house does not mean that you are sloppy or forgetful. This is one thing that will happen to everyone. The answer is to create precautionary measures that will guarantee that it does not happen anymore. The following are several approaches to prevent yourself from not being able to get into your house:

  • Give a spare key to a trusted neighbour.

This is amongst the most standard ways of  preventing getting locked out of your home. Lots of people have efficiently used this method as an alternative solution in the event they lose their key. In case you you live near a reliable neighbour, you can provide them one of your extra keys and when you find yourself locked out, you can easily use the key to open your home. Be very mindful when handing out your spare key and be sure you first establish some trust with your neighbour. Or else you may possibly find that you have provided your key to burglars.

  • Have an extra key in your bag.

Aside from the keys you employ to open your house every single day , it is always better to have an additional key hidden someplace inside the bag that you usually carry. Recognise the bag that you carry every day to work and be sure that you put a key that will always remain there. You can now have the regular key you use on a daily basis but stay away from the extra key in your bag. The extra key in your bag will be helpful during the time anytime your keys went missing.

  • Stash a key somewhere in the compound.

This is a challenging one but it still continues to be a very practical way of avoiding house lock out. In order to make this work, try to avoid hiding your key in a location that is most vulnerable by criminals. The most prone locations consist of; under floor mats, in the mail box and the areas of the home in which intruders can simply discover your keys. Consider to identify a certain part of your home where no one can assume and put your extra key there. This may help your key secure to use in the time of need and still keep away intruders.

  • Develop a habit of keeping your keys safe.

Once you establish a regimen of keeping your keys secure, you will be less inclined to forget about them or lose them. A regimen produces a habit and it is essential to come up with  a different one that will make sure that you do not lose your keys. By way of example, to ensure that you do not lose your keys, you can choose a certain place where you will usually keep your keys. In order to make sure that you do not forget your keys at your workplace, inspect your bag prior to leaving work.


These are a few of the ways you can use to prevent locking yourself out. You can apply any strategy that you find suitable for you and you will prevent those circumstances when you find yourself in some trouble and struggling to access your house. Whichever method you use it is essential to make sure that it will not endanger your home’s security. Turn to pros at Sutherland Locksmiths for any locks duplication needs and more!