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Helpful Tricks to Deal With Broken Key Stuck in The Lock

Your broken key is stuck in a lock? Have you been wondering around on how to fix it and stumble upon this article? Keep on reading to find out how.

  • Super Glue

First of all, if your broken key is too far in the keyway and no metal visible, do not try this. I know this idea of using super glue to unjam a lock sounds a bit counter-intuitive. But the idea is to glue the key to something like a match so it can be pulled free. This trick works best when the broken key is accessible. Put some super glue on the end of a small wire or a match. Add more if you think it’s not enough or remove any excess. Hold that wire/match against the edge of the broken key. Do not push it further into the lock. Wait a little bit for them to bind then pull your wire/match away from the lock like if it was the bow of the key.

  • Probe and Pull

You would need two thin pieces of metal so you can then probe the keyway and pull out the broken key. To align a piece of metal on both sides of the key. Both sides are the sides that interact with the warding on the lock, not the biting and smooth side ones. Place them just enough, not too far in, to be able to apply pressure firmly. Then you can pull the broken key towards you. This probably would only move the key out a little. After that, you can try the technique again so you can get it out bit by bit. You can also try prying out the broken key. While both pieces of metal are in the keyway, rotate wrists inward, almost dragging the key out. If you are skilled in different methods of lock picking or have lock picks, these may be the perfect tools for the job. Make sure that picks are not that valuable to you because they can be bent by this task.

  • Tapping the Cylinder

You have to be able to point the keyway down toward the ground if you want to tap the cylinder. This method could work for you if you have a padlock or can remove a cylinder. When the lock positioned with its keyhole facing down, strike the lock with a hammer. If you could hit a solid surface by slamming the cylinder, this would be great. My recommendation is that you should strike the keyway side of the lock than the back of the lock, but if this is going to work it should work either way. The trick is to keep the lock still so that gravity works by pulling the broken key loose. This trick is rarely an option, but when it is, there are special tools required. If performing this method, you have extremely struck the lock, consider calling a locksmith to repair the lock core. If there is damage to the core of the lock, then this will create more problems down the line.

All Time Locksmith Sutherland is best at repairing locks.  Employing hired professionals provides you with the assurance of quality service and secure locking systems. If you use non-professionals, you have no warranties that the repair or installation will increase your car’s security. We are experienced and available 24 hours 7 days so there is no reason not to call them when your broken key stuck in a lock. Get in touch with us immediately!