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What Is Rekey Lock?

There may be a time when changing your locks is a good idea. You could have misplaced your keys and may be concerned about a potential intruder. You may have just made significant life changes, such as relocating to a new home or firing an employee.

While replacing your locks is an excellent security method, rekeying them is a less time-consuming and more affordable alternative. At Sutherland Locksmith, rekey lock is one of our services in addition to lock replacements, spare keys and more.

What Is Rekey Lock?

While “changing a lock” refers to exchanging an old lock for a new one, the term “rekeying” may need some clarification. Rekeying a lock involves switching out the existing key for a new one without having to replace the lock. In other words, the lock remains the same but cannot be opened with the previous key.

To achieve this, we need to disassemble the lock and replace some internal components (tumblers/key pins). If you replace one set of key pins in your lock with a new set, the lock will recognise the new key as corresponding to a different key. Despite how difficult it may appear, accomplishing this should take only a few minutes with the correct equipment.

A locksmith requires a working key to the lock to rekey it. Lock picking is the only option if you don’t have the corresponding key to rekey the lock, and while this usually is not a problem for a trained locksmith, it can cost more than just replacing the lock.

Cost-Effective Alternative To Replacing Lock

A lock’s security is not compromised or improved by rekeying it. The number of internal pins is one element that contributes to a lock’s reliability. Once the locksmith replaces the original five pins with the new ones, the lock will be as secure as before. Changing your locks with newer, more secure models is the best way to increase your safety.

The key pins used inside locks are so inexpensive that rekeying locks always cheaper than replacing the locks. Lock changing often includes the cost of both labour and new locks, while rekeying simply involves the latter’s cost.

Remember that all installed locks can be rekeyed, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not a locksmith can rekey your locks. However, rekeying a lock frequently calls for specialised equipment. Some high-security locks need specialised tools and key pins for rekeying.

Keys can be rekeyed when they become obsolete, but with the process, you can make multiple locks work with the same key. If for any reason, you find it cumbersome to use different keys for each of the locks in your home, you may rekey the locks so that they all use the same key.

Remember that only locks of the same brand or/ same type of keyholes can be matched for a single key. A key that works in one lock but not another indicates that the keyholes (or “keyways”) are incompatible.

When Is It Time to Rekey?

If you like your locks but wish to make the old key unusable, you can replace the key

  • When you’re new to an area, and you’re not sure if anyone else has a key.
  • You are worried that someone could uncover a lost key duplicate.
  • Intent on blocking entry to anyone who might have a key.
  • If you wish to use only one key to open all of your locks (all the locks must be of the same brand and have similar keyholes)

Hire a Licensed Locksmith To Rekey Lock

Whether you want to rekey a lock or need other locksmith services, you need skilled and licensed professionals. Rekeying must be done correctly, or your key can get stuck in the pins and break. Therefore, always work with a proven locksmith with good reviews and a strong reputation. We are committed to offering our clients prompt, reliable, cost-effective services to cover all their lock and essential requirements.

For more details about our rekey lock services, please call Sutherland Locksmith at 02 9883 9579. If you prefer to send us your queries via message, please use this Online Form, and we will contact you soon to answer any questions you may have.