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5 Simple Security Tips

Just as you decorate your house with attractive features and spruce up its look with various fittings, it’s important to ensure that you have a good quality security system installed as well. This is a very crucial aspect of protecting your home, as criminals can target your property at any point in time. Let’s take a look at five simple security tips that can go a long way in making your house more secure and safe:

  1. Never Neglect Securing Your Doors

Always make it a point to ensure that your doors are secured properly, regardless of whether you are in the house for away from it. In addition, make sure that the door frames are strong and the hinges of your doors aren’t exposed in any way. You can also consider adding reinforcements such as burglar bars, strike plates, smart locks or a video doorbell. All of these can help improve the security levels of your home.

  1. Secure All Sliding Doors

Most homes have some sliding doors leading from the indoor spaces to the yard or garden areas. These can become a very easy entry point for thieves and burglars. You can install glass break sensors or advanced door sensors to improve the security levels of these features. Install window bars or dowels in the tracks as this helps prevent the door from being forced open. Making sure that your sliding doors are well protected is one of the best ways of preventing a break in.

  1. Lock All Your Windows

Windows on the ground floor or first floor of your home can be very easy to access from the outside and it’s never a good idea to take chances with home security. If the windows don’t have very strong locks, replace them with advanced locking systems. In addition, you can add, window bars, window sensors or even glass break sensors. Installation of a window security film can help reinforce all the glass panes. Another measure you should consider is the installation of prickly bushes under your first-floor windows, making it a point to trim these with regularity.

  1. Install Security Lighting In The Outdoor Spaces

Statistics state that well-illuminated outdoor areas act as a deterrent for criminals. This helps keep thieves, burglars, vandals & trespassers away from your property. In addition to installing CCTV surveillance cameras in strategic locations of your front and backyard, install security lighting as well. You can consider investing in night vision, motion sensor lights. The sensors in these systems will detect motion and get switched on in case any individual comes within their range. You can also install outdoor lights on timers and make sure that every area of your outdoor property has proper light coverage.

  1. Improve The Security Of Your Garage

If your garage is adjacent to your home and has an internal door that connects to the indoor spaces, this can become a very easy entry point for thieves or burglars. Install a latest and advanced garage door opener that has revolving codes as these are more difficult to crack. You can also install smart Security Systems for the door that leads from the garage into your home

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